New Shoes!!

Ok, I’ll admit I love getting new training and race gear. I have more running shoes than my wife and I’m not ashamed! This week I finally received my Zoot Solanas that were pre-ordered and I am so happy they are here. First impressions were they were awesomely bright green and light. They are as light as my Tempos and Kalanis, but have at least twice the cushioning. Just trying…

July 30, 2014

Ironman Buffalo Springs 70.3 – Race Report

If you haven’t noticed I have taken a while to post this. Honestly this week is the first I have felt decent since the race. I truly raced into a dark hole and it took some time to come out of it both physically and mentally. That is the whole idea of Ironman, how mentally and physically tough can you be and still function. This year at BSLT I finished,…

July 22, 2014