Cowtown 2014

What a beautiful day Sunday turned out to be. For once the weather sucks during the week and not the weekend! Having our little one in the room with us the night before set us up for a sleepless night and the busy traffic tried to make us late, but none of that stopped both of us from completing.

Jenny completed her first half marathon and now has the medal to prove it. This goal has been elusive to her with rain and ice storms stopping other races. Now she is elite though and on her way to the full marathon later this year. I had a slow race, but ran it in all the same. We weren’t warned about the last 4 miles being hilly and just overall the hardest part of the course. That was a surprise to both of us and I wished I had a GU in that last hour. Run and learn I say!

We have our next half in just 4 weeks and Jenny is already nervous. She will rock this one though now that she knows how it feels. We start the Tri season in just 18 days and I couldn’t be more excited. I like the run events, but like them much more with a swim and run in front of them!

18 Days until St Pattys Day Tri
25 Days until RnR Half
39 Days until Galveston