Goodbye 2013!!

Time to post up the yearly stats since everyone else is. 2014 will dwarf this year, there were a lot of obstacles starting up and staying on track. Life was kind enough to throw as many things in as it could also, but we are excited about 2014 and these numbers will be WAY higher next time!

Swim: 41h 41m 27s – 50.89 Mi
Bike: 213h 57m 37s – 3290.14 Mi
Run: 86h 28m 22s – 334.6 Mi

The stats are ok, but I am more proud of all of the events. I raced 2 IRONMAN 70.3 races and Ironman Arizona 140.6. A year ago I had not even begun training for triathlon and had only completed (barely) Denton Monster Triathlon at Halloween time. In addition I have a 1st, 2x2nd & 2x3rd place trophies on my shelf from local sprints and olympics. To come this far in such a short amount of time is amazing, amazingly stupid as some of my critics have stated. I was VERY naive to believe I could do what I have done this year, but typically I am a person to jump in once I make up my mind on something. I have zero regrets except for not dumping some dead weight earlier than I did. Once that was gone it got easier to focus on my family, my training and my business.

2013 came with a lot of negatives in it and a lot of obstacles, training and racing actually helped us pull through those as a family and as an athlete. We look forward to 2014 that it may be easier on us mentally & emotionally. As a family we have LOTS of events lined up already. My 9 year old is looking to improve his swim early in the year and go to St. Patty’s Day Tri as a competitor. My lovely wife is looking to get her 1/2 marathon medal she was denied of this month and has a full 1st  quarter of runs setup plus MS150 for a bike rally. I have almost too many races lined up to keep up with them already, thank goodness for iPhones! I have 3xIroman 70.3 races, 10+ sprints/duathlons/olympics and my first full marathon. It is going to be a VERY busy year!!!

Last year I utilized my team and coaches at KMF Performance for most of the year, but it was off and on and not the most effective thing I could have done. That was purely my mistake not to take advantage of the resources that are readily available to me. For 2014 I have engaged and committed for Ben and KMF to be my full time coaches and training resources. Ben is going to take me from a finisher to a competitor over the next couple of years, my ultimate goal is still Kona before I am out of that 40-44 class. I will have a write up on KMF for you soon, I highly recommend them for anyone looking to get into the sport.

My most exciting news was getting chosen to represent Team Zoot for Texas in 2014. I am excitedly waiting my kits and first races as a Team Zoot representative. It fully solidified my efforts this year to be selected and to get to be part of something this large.

I want to thank my wife and sons for putting up with me this year. It has been a rough one, but you have been there for me and supportive me when others did not.

I want to thank my sisters for being there and coming to me when I needed them most. I love you two ladies!

I want to thank Ben Drezek and James Krahula for taking me from Zero to Ironman this year.

I want to thank all of my KMF teammates for being supportive, letting me chase you on runs, you chasing me on bikes, us all almost drowning drinking Lake Lewisville.

Gary Haack and The Bicycle Path for all of the rides, friends and gear. Anytime I need to add to my bike addiction you are there to help! You are a great friend and I am glad to have you there.

I want to thank my non-triathlete friends for laughing at my insanity doing this, but still sticking around and having beers with me.

I want to thank Ken Wilcox for not dying in Galveston and just needing IVs after the race!

Ok time to be done with being mushy! Love you guys and I can’t wait for racing in 2014!!!!