Ironman BSLT Here We Come!

You always think you have plenty of time and really you do not! We leave for Ironman Buffalo Springs in less than 72 hours and I am starting to feel the pressure. This 70.3 isn’t quite like the others, I know going into this that it will be my toughest race to date. The terrain and environment will make it tougher than IMAZ and that reality has set in. My mind is already goo this week from thinking about it and pre-racing. I know physically I am as ready as I can get and over the next few days my mental capacity will have to catch up. Tomorrow I start getting the bike and gear cleaned, tuned, oiled and ready to go. I know in my mind that everything is and WILL be great in the race, but that anxiety still persists.

This race is going to be special though, this is the first time my sons have had the opportunity to go to an Ironman event and that is very exciting. The little one is just happy to see people yelling and clapping so it’s just another race for him. The big one though will get to see elite athletes (not to discount the awesome athletes at the sprints and local Tri events) for the first time. I hope he sees how awesome this sport truly is and it boosts him to really want to participate more. He has the bug already, but it hasn’t seemed real to him yet. I think seeing pros and elite AGers crossing the finish line will truly change his world. Its a lot different watching it in person instead of on the TV. My faithful TriSherpa will be there also and Super Jen is one of the best spectators I have ever seen.

Congrats to all my friends that rocked Disco X-50 this past weekend in the rain! It was awesome getting to cheer you on some and I was jealous I couldn’t race with you all. Hopefully my next post is one with positive race results!