I broke down and entered the Kona Lottery for the first time. My chances of winning a slot are very slim, but they increase each year I join in the lottery. So Ben and I decided I should begin my trek to Kona in 2014. Being in that 35-39 age group puts my qualification chances at zero in all honesty. I was too out of shape when I started my triathlon career to catch up and compete with the veterans in my AG. 45-49 will be my best chance to actually qualify for Kona, but I hope to go before then. Wish me luck!

On the training front I am cleared for swimming again and am doing a lactate threshold test today. They legs are screaming from the run streak and my over ambitious 5k run this past weekend. I’ve missed a few workouts recently due to life and stress getting in the way. It is a poor excuse, but it wins out occasionally. We are getting ready to move in 4 weeks so have had to spend time looking for and trying to get a new house. Just un-needed stress all the way around and a sinus infection making it easy for me to have excuses to miss things.

I’m cranking down on the diet again, this is long overdue. I’m back to juicing to kick start again and I missed these I’m realizing.

Off to work!