New Shoes!!

Ok, I’ll admit I love getting new training and race gear. I have more running shoes than my wife and I’m not ashamed! This week I finally received my Zoot Solanas that were pre-ordered and I am so happy they are here.

First impressions were they were awesomely bright green and light. They are as light as my Tempos and Kalanis, but have at least twice the cushioning. Just trying them on I was ecstatic with all of the cushion and spring in them. The extra toe box space was a welcomed change from my other shoes also.

Tonight I got a chance to really try them out and after a 5 mile speed night I cannot express how much I really like them. No Achilles or calf pains at all which is a normal for my KMF TNTs. I am sitting now and no shin pains and I actually ran extra after the group had already done their cool down. I honestly felt like doing more, but thought better of it. 🙂 The extra cushion and spring really was noticeable during the whole night. My form and strides felt natural from the first mile and never changed through the workout.

This was just a 5 mile speed night, I will post a longer run review here in the next week or so as my mileage is really about to increase to get ready for Ironman Arizona. I am waiting in the trail versions of the Solanas and after tonight can’t wait to get them.