As I get back into the full swing of things after an extended recovery after IMAZ I am finding out it hurt more than I thought taking 4 weeks off. Today was my first time back on the TT bike on the CycleOPs and it is more difficult to get my head to spin the pedals than my legs I found. I know I have an awesome 2014 coming with Team Zoot and my training team KMF, but getting into the training is the tough part.

That’s great and all, but that isn’t why I was surprised this morning. A workout is just a workout, but today was the first time put on some of my tried and true IM motivation videos while I was riding. I’ve just stuck to music for anything I have done in the last 4 weeks (which isn’t much at all), but today I decided it is time to go back to my motivational videos and start pushing. That is where I got surprised, I started with 2013 Kona and was enjoying it until they started announcing finishes. It is the first time I have heard Reilly announce “you are an Ironman” since IMAZ. It was the first time I have been consumed by emotion since race weekend and it completely caught me off guard. I wasn’t a blubbering fool or anything, but the sudden endorphin rush hit me and I did tear up I must admit. The smile was uncontrollable on my face and the last 30 minutes of the workout suddenly weren’t difficult any longer. I remember why I was sitting on a TT bike in my garage spinning against my will when I would rather be out on the road or on a MTB trail.

Little small victories never cease to amaze me. I am happy to be back training and I remember now that I AM AN IRONMAN!!!!