Wait and see…..

I’ve had a pain in my left wrist for a couple of weeks now. I thought I had just hit it on something and it was bruised, but Friday I woke and could not move it without horrific pain shooting through my arm. After some X-rays with Dr. Jay I have a appointment Tuesday with an orthopedic surgeon to make sure my scaphoid bone is not cracked. Hopefully it’s just a pinch and inflammation of the scaphoid.

In the mean time I have maintained my run streak in January for a total of 41.4 miles so far. That’s a record for me on a month of running! Traditionally I clock a ton of bike miles and just the minimum run miles. 2014 is going to change that so I can consider myself more of a runner. I have suffered on the bike this week due to the wrist pain, I can ride on the trainer in aero, but cannot support myself without pain.

Tuesday will answer all the questions. Until then heat/ice/brace and try not to use my left hand more than I have to.