Where did the time go?

Just yesterday it feels like I signed up for IronMan Galveston and that was 16 weeks ago. I’m officially tapering and gathering supplies for the race this Sunday all of the sudden. It always works out that way, you believe you have all the time in the world and you don’t.

I am as ready as I can get at this point. I’ve put in more hours and miles than I did in 2013 so I am hoping that translates into a better time and better feeling finish. It is forecasted to rain this weekend so that will be a wildcard in the race. In one hand it will be cooler, but on the other we have to be more careful on the bike. There is still no official word on the swim with the oil spill that happened in the shipping lanes. The IM directors are optimistic we are swimming so we will find out this weekend.

As preparation for the swim I squeezed into my Zoot wetsuit for the first time since IMAZ. It was a little more snug than I remembered, but that was appreciated once we hit that cold water. The temperature in Lake Lewisville is currently about 58 degrees and it felt colder. Once everything numbed up swimming went well. I’m glad I got at least one open water in before Galveston.

I missed the update for Rock n Roll marathon last week. I’ve been so busy in the last week of training that I have not sat enough to think. My old friend the IT Band came back with a vengeance at RnR. I’ve slacked on stretching and rolling lately so it’s my fault. Thank goodness for drills and work from KMF to help those muscle issues. I am hoping I do not repeat the knee pain in Galveston this weekend.

This will be an awesome week!! I get it represent Zoot Sports as an official team member. It will be a blast meeting everyone finally.