St Paddys Tri Weekend

What a fun kickoff to triathlon season.

The big boy completed his 3rd Tri Saturday in Keller. He had a blast and I was struggling to be at his turn around spots because he was moving so fast. I only wish I could move like he does. He has a nice trophy from the race and needs a medal rack already.

I raced the adult Tri on Sunday and boy did the weather not favor us this year. It was steadily dropping temps from 50 down to the low 40s while we were racing. The winds were also blowing steady 25 with gusts above 30. All of that would have been fine had I not left the battery off my bike leaving me with a 53/14 single speed Tri bike. To get up the hills and the headwind I was standing on the pedals just to keep forward momentum. Self induced race catastrophes are the best!

Even with all of that I took 4th in class and had the chance to refresh my T1/T2 before Galveston. The body feels warn from getting back into training, but I’m ready for the first IM of the season. I feel like I could have done more, but with moves and tons of stress it’s been a rough early season.

Let’s race!!!