Sunday ~ 12th day of streaking

Today I decided to take on my 12th day of the streak with the two boys. I’ve been wanting to learn to run pushing the B.O.B and our 27 pound 16 month old (67 pounds total). Well, I didn’t take into account the wind was blowing 30 mph (not exaggerating). We took off on a walk warm up with the big guy skate boarding behind us until we turned into the park. The wind hit us like a wall and I was running full pace to try and keep us moving. I will say it was one of my toughest miles yet and I ended up having to add a skateboard to the B.O.B and keep pushing. We survived and I consider my 11:53 pace a huge win for the day. The boys had a blast and I came one step closer to being able to run with the stroller.

I finished today with a 90 minute trainer session. The workouts are becoming more intense everyday and this year is going to hold much better results than last.

60 minutes Z2
10 minutes Z4
3 minutes recovery
2 minutes Z5
15 minutes recovery

Let’s start week 3 of 2014!