Team Zoot!

It is with great pride I am announcing my selection to Team Zoot in 2014 Yesterday Christian Wendenburg contacted me to deliver the news that I would be racing for Zoot Sports in 2014.

December 16, 2013

Hi Kris,

Congratulations! After a long review process of the many applicants, Zoot Sports is happy to notify you that you are being offered a position as a Team Member on the 2014 Team Zoot. Our Texas region has been delegated 12 spots, and I am anxious to have you as one of our group!

What is the Team Zoot?
The Team Zoot is comprised of approximately 185 US-based amateur, elite, and professional triathletes who are committed to racing hard, having fun, and representing the Zoot brand and each of the Team Zoot industry sponsors. The Team is subdivided into 9 regions across America that are overseen by 13 captains.

My anticipation of 2014 had now increased ten fold. Pretty cool being asked to join a national team! You can learn more about the team and products by going to Zoot Sports.